TOTAL COMFORT is a Brand of Khalid Enterprises, which is one of Pakistan’s premier manufacturing facilities of Medical/Healthcare products, Elastic body compressions and Braces used for rehabilitation & body aid. The company is proudly certified by MEDICINE & HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS REGULATORY AGENCY (MHRA) OF UK. We are specialized in manufacturing Palm support, Wrist support, Wrist splint with metal stay, Elbow support, Knee support, Ankle support, Abdominal binder, Lumbo sacral support, spinal support, Arm slings, Athletic suspensor, Cervical collar etc since 20 years. TOTAL COMFORT has eliminated the challenges associated with finding health care products one wishes for at reasonable prices. We collaborate with health care providers, governments and local communities to support and expand access to reliable & cost effective health care around the world.  We are determined to provide customer oriented, reliable and expedited services. TOTAL COMFORT offers a dynamic range of health and wellness products for the whole family.

The products offered represent the shared efforts and commitment of the skilled staff and experts who bring together the best Healthcare products available anywhere in the world under one source – Khalid Enterprises. Khalid Enterprises has access to thousands of products from vast number of vendors, which allow us to consistently offer some of the most competitive prices around the globe. Whether it’s an individual, a medical professional, or a medical supply dealer, look no further than TOTAL COMFORT has the source for all health care product needs. For years, TOTAL COMFORT has worked to help make a difference for all who rely on it. Every aspect of its operation is driven by the sole objective of working together for a healthier world.